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Nice Pools: fiberglass swimming pools, equipment, covers, delivery, and installation. Your perfect pool becomes a reality!

Everything for the perfect pool

Freestanding fiberglass pools

Ihr Traumpool in wenigen Tagen!
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Freestanding fiberglass pools

Pool roof collection

Add elegance and protection to your pool with the high-quality pool roofs from Nice Pools!

Pool roof collection

Modern pool decks

Expand your living space with a stylish and practical pool deck from Nice Pools!

Modern pool decks

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GFK-Pool Orion Nice Pools

Experience a pool oasis with unique design


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Arcus Überdachung Nice Pools

Choose the most popular for your swimming pool


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Premium GFK-Pools


Unmatched pool quality


24-26 mm

Premium GFK-Pools Garantie

Enjoy the robustness and luxury of premium pools. The perfect combination of elegance and durability.

Premium Pools

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Buy your pool with confidence


Pools, enclosures, and much more DIRECTLY from the manufacturer

Experience and
customer trust

Over 8000 manufactured and delivered pools in EU countries since 2012

Quality and

100% trust in quality
and individual care


Unmatched quality and impeccable reliability

Nicepools swimming pools are manufactured to the highest standards, using only the best materials. We want your pool to provide you with many years of unforgettable moments of relaxation and entertainment.


We offer you more than just high-quality products

In addition to our premium swimming pools, we offer a comprehensive range of services, guiding you from consultation to professional installation and technical support.


Responsibility for people
and the environment

At Nicepools, we place great importance on sustainability and environmental protection. That is why we use only high-quality and eco-friendly materials for the production of our swimming pools.


Diverse options for
your pool area

In addition to our high-quality swimming pools, we also offer a variety of customized solutions for your pool area. This way, you can design your pool according to your wishes and needs, turning it into a true oasis of well-being.


Get more out of your pool

With Nicepools, you can not only turn your pool into a beautiful oasis of well-being but also significantly enhance its comfort and functionality. We offer a wide range of premium accessories and equipment to further improve your swimming experience.


Enjoy your pool

With Nicepools pools, you don't have to worry about the tedious and time-consuming pool maintenance. Our pools are equipped with modern technologies and innovative solutions that make pool care a breeze.

AV Nice Pools GmbH

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Discover our catalog with swimming pools, roofs, and pool accessories at affordable prices!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our products

What's the difference between the "Standard" and "Premium" pool lines?

The primary difference between "Standard" and "Premium" pool lines lies in the materials used, the thickness of the pool walls, and the warranty period. "Premium" models feature thicker walls (24-26 mm) for increased durability compared to "Standard" models (8-10 mm).

Who installs the pool?

You can install the pool yourself with our manual or for additional payment, we can install it ourselves. Alternatively we can send one of our specialist who will help and consult you during installation process.

In what condition is a freestanding pool delivered and how is it put into operation?

A freestanding pool is delivered fully ready for use. It comes with an installation kit and a water filter; additional equipment can be included upon request. You only need to prepare the base plate for installation and the electrical connections.

How is payment made?

Payment questions are discussed individually with each customer to select the most convenient payment method.

Do I have to drain my pool every year?

Pools need to be drained and refilled every 5–7 years or when a major repair is necessary. Otherwise, try to avoid draining your pool whenever possible.

What warranty does your company offer for pools?

We offer a warranty for the durability of the pool shell: 10 years for a standard pool and 15 years for a premium pool, provided the pool is used according to our user manual.

AV Nice Pools GmbH

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